Digital Ads Going “Geo” in 2014

According to Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite, one of the major social trends we’ll see in 2014 is the local targeting of ads on social media. He says: This year, expect some significant, if slightly… Continue reading

Digital Identity Crisis

What? In today’s world of social media, an individual person can have a myriad of profiles and digital identities on the web. Let’s run through some of the major social networks where people… Continue reading

You Can “Walk the Walk,” but can you “Talk the Talk”?

What? Grammar and language skills have steadily declined in not only everyday life, but especially in the workplace. Managers are fighting an uphill battle against grammar, spelling, and language gaffes in the office… Continue reading

The Pabst Blue Renaissance

**I originally published this in Feb. 2011 on my old blog, but it’s too good not to have on this one** “What did you guys get to drink?” “Blue Moon.” “PBR.” “So you’re… Continue reading

So Long Suits: Virgin Banking Cutting Ties With Industry Norms

What? Formal dress code and structures have been standardized across the banking industry for decades. The somewhat stale and rigid appearance of banks doesn’t exactly conjure positive feelings or notions for customers and… Continue reading

Pork-Barrel Spending: A Case for Earned Media

How does one build a company from scratch (in a basement nonetheless), have it featured on the hit ABC show Shark Tank, be carried in over 3,000 retail stores in 40 states (after just… Continue reading

Boss-Proof Games for the Office

Every now and then we all need a little break from the hustle and bustle of the work day. Whether that’s a few minutes in the break room with a couple coworkers or… Continue reading

Stars ‘n Stripes Cans: The Irony of It All…

For starters, this post is a little painful to write. I love America, and I love anything that has to do with America. However, as I was anxiously anticipating this year’s release of… Continue reading

Futurebirds: Seney-Stovall Chapel, Athens, GA

My new favorite video from one of my favorite bands of all-time, Futurebirds: Futurebirds – Seney-Stovall from DUKE STREET on Vimeo. To find out more about the Futurebirds and/or why I dig them… Continue reading

Hockey and the South: My Blessing & My Curse

I am a simple man. My background and current conundrum is not. I’ve lived in more places and have been exposed to more people, cultures and subcultures in my twenty-three years than most have… Continue reading

My 20 Favorite Music Videos of All-Time

It’s weird to think that back in 1981, a channel known as MTV (Music Television) was launched. It’s purpose? To be all music, all the time, with a particular emphasis on showcasing music… Continue reading